My name is Mirjana. I am the Vice President and International Director of Students’ Affairs of the great British American University (BAU), Florida, USA. I wish to briefly introduce you to the University. BAU is an Intercontinental University of the world class distinction for creativity, development and professionalism in many parts of the world.  BAU has an excellent team of World Class Professors (academics and professionals) among her resource persons as lecturers, tutors and Instructors with good teaching, learning and research facilities which spread across many countries of Africa, America, Europe, UK as well as Asian countries. Hence, The University has no boundary in its operations as it caters for the interests of both staff and students without discrimination around the world.

My office is presently located at our international Administrative Suit in Orlando, Florida, and it is opens to all students, particularly the incoming ones, from 8.00am to 4.30pm from Monday to Friday every week.

I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to BAU Campus, and I hope that you will enjoy and benefit from your experience here. You will, I am sure, have many questions about the University and perhaps our programs, Porto-Novo and African system of Education. Some of these questions have been answered here. For likely others, please channel your questions to us through any of our contact addresses including the use of surface mails, telephones and e-mails.


Please do not feel awkward about asking questions. No one expects you to understand everything about BAU or the University education in general. All these will acclimatize you. You are here, in part, to find out about those things. So please do not hesitate to ask if you are not sure about anything that bothers your mind whether academic or otherwise.


We also welcome participation from individuals and groups worldwide in BAU operations so that we may jointly nurture, elevate and develop intellectual potentialities of our people wherever they may be and whatever the nature of their professional careers! Hence, if you wish to be our Partner Institution or just our Agent/Representative in your locality, please do not hesitate to contact us, and I promise you will find us very interesting and attractive to work with.

The information in this website is to the best of my knowledge correct, though may not be necessarily complete at the time of publishing it. However, it should be appreciated that changes can, and in fact do, occur particularly to courses, tuition fees and other charges. We should be pleased to receive your comments on this website and suggestions for information not included but which you would have found useful.


Thank you for perusing the information on this website, and also for your anticipated final decision to join the big BAU family.

Prof. (Dr.) Mirjana Radovic-Markovic

Vice President & International Director of Students’ Affairs


Tel: +381 64 1990-646